Cop Story

A story with cops in it. Secretly a disability bingo.

Third Chance - 1

1st Dec 2019, 9:26 AM

Third Chance - 1

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PCSOly, 1st Dec 2019, 9:26 AM

New site, new cop stories! No matter what I try to write I eventually come back to these characters and their troubles - so be it.

If you came here from Smack Jeeves I will be uploading old comics mixed with the new ones.

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ThatOneSpriter, 1st Dec 2019, 10:15 AM

Throughout my time on SJ, I've always admired the aesthetic of your art :) I'll be on the lookout for this!

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PCSOly, 3rd Dec 2019, 10:22 AM

Thank you! :) I still feel all torn up about SJ but I'm glad the old readers are keeping in touch.

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mitchellbravo, 1st Dec 2019, 3:43 PM


the kid the love bird

Gerry and Chance in the same space, the grumpy old lady going home with today's groceries

Posters trying to help the public with catchy slogans too small for me to see

So good to see this page omg <3 <3 <3

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PCSOly, 3rd Dec 2019, 10:24 AM

After all those different intros I figured it would be safe to start with the coat. :D

So good to see your comment <3

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Lutzbug, 1st Dec 2019, 8:44 PM

OH MY GOD YAY new site!!!! New page!! I love the flirty pigeons, aahaha. I also love the whole dingy thrift shop vibe this place has. And also the texture of the cobblestone!

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PCSOly, 3rd Dec 2019, 10:26 AM

THE SHAMELESS PIGEONS! :P And yeah, there's something ironic about how I kept planning to set up a mirror on CF for ages but now it ended up my main place online. Aw well, lots of all faces, lots of new and friendly faces! :D

And there's something really comforting about drawing dingy stuff.

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Lutzbug, 4th Dec 2019, 12:41 AM


how could I have possibly missed that wtf ahaha

Anyway, welcome! CF is a good place, we're glad you're here!

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LouFontaine, 2nd Dec 2019, 7:32 PM

Hi Oly :D I'm on CF too! :D
Nice to see you here. Also, I'm really glad you back with new page of Cop Story <3
This rude kid reminded me when I was in shopping center with my good workmate, yeah, the woman without legs on wheelchair. Some kid also started to pointing at her, for me it was REALLY rude, but she even didn't noticed it.

Also, I love pigeons and all interesting details.

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PCSOly, 3rd Dec 2019, 10:35 AM

Good to see you here!! :D

Kids can be rude and it's hard because sometimes it's a total lack of any direction from the parents but sometimes it's genuinely the first time kids encounter someone/something. Learning to just ignore it is impressive - I've been getting a lot of unwanted attention with the dog lately and I think I handle it better than in the beginning but I still get tense when I see children.

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LouFontaine, 4th Dec 2019, 2:45 AM

I know, kids are just curious but then it all depends of parents reaction. Sometimes they reacts, sometimes - no.
My workmate is not paranoid ;) and she just doesn't care about staring people. Maybe it's just because she was born without legs.